Thoroughbred ownership is a rewarding sports ownership experience, a business challenge second to none, and the most thrilling entertainment experience of your life.   The visits to the barn to watch your trainer (coach) and horse (athlete) working to get you to the winnerís circle.  The planning, the workouts, the race, the wins and the defeats are some of the things that makes ownership of a thoroughbred The Greatest Game.  

Humes Racing, LLC  was founded in July 1998 with the sole purpose of owning thoroughbreds for racing and breeding purposes. The desire to own horses came to me when I was a young kid hanging out with my dad at Hialeah and Calder Race track down in my hometown of Miami, FL.   I think it's every little kids dream to have a pony. It took a little while to realize that dream but  now it is a reality. When I started Humes Racing, LLC,  I really had no idea of what it took to own a racehorse. After a few years of researching the industry and talking to various consultants, I claimed my first horse back in June 2001.   My way of giving back is to help newcomers realize their dreams of thoroughbred ownership.  Please feel free to contact me anytime about getting involved in thoroughbred ownership. 

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